What to Wear & Bring on Outings

  • Layered clothing is preferable to allow flexibility depending on changes in temperatures.  You should have freedom to move and be well protected from, cold, snow and wind.

  • Your base layer should wick moisture away from the body.  Cotton will NOT do this.

  • A small pack with waxes, scraper and a cork. (See Waxing Supplies)

  • A small personal first aid kit with a whistle.

  • Snack and liquid replacement

  • Spare mitts and socks

  • Money to cover trail fees and lunches if applicable

  • ID including a daytime emergency phone number

At all locations you should have waxed, stretched, warmed up, skis tested and be ready to ski by the designated time for your group.  To keep group sizes limited, we will either meet at different locations or start 15 minutes apart.  Be sure to note your time and place based on your previous on-line signup and please don’t be late.  To avoid crowding, we will be leaving on time.  Any last minute changes will be posted  on this website, on our Facebook page and on Twitter(@womenonskis) by 8 am the morning of the outing.  You will also receive an email if you have signed up on-line.

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