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Ski Meet-ups

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Do you prefer to ski within the city on our numerous community trails? Perhaps the Gatineau Hills are a bit too strenuous for you or you want to know more about the trails so you can get out more often with a friend. When the conditions are good and trails are freshly groomed, it is a shame not to get out and enjoy them.

At times like that some of our leaders might be keen to take a group on one of the community trails.  These groups will meet at a designated parking lot and ski out and back for 1-2 hours. Because the trails are well travelled, are mostly level and you are well within the city limits, you may not have a leader with you at all times. No one should ski by herself but if you want to ski along in twos or threes at a different pace .... Your leader will be there to bring the group together at the start, indicate some route options, answer any questions about waxing or route options and then ski along with those who might need help.

We cannot promise any specific number of such outings and we welcome club members to volunteer to lead such groups. As long as we have a coordinator, we will put out the sign-up and information on when and where to meet.

Watch for these notices.  They will be sent on a Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday ski.

If these are the trails you use, we do encourage you to donate to their upkeep.

Off-Season Events

IMG 20191009 110824130 HDRIn past years we have enjoyed a morning in the Gatineau Park, hiking with friends when the trilliums are out or the trees are in full autumn colour. We hope to return to this in future.

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