Our Scheduled Outings


As we plan our year we always have in mind that plans may have to be changed to align with local and provincial health protocols. 

For each outing we meet at a designated time (around 10 am), ski for 1 1/2 or 2 hours and optionally get together for lunch - with our bagged lunch by a warm fire in a rustic cabin, at a restaurant, outdoors, or our end-of-season pot-luck where we enjoy amazing finger food.  If we are stopping at a cabin and you prefer not to go in, no problem. Those who want to return directly will do so with a leader.

For each of our scheduled outings we will have advance registration through an application called 'Cheddar Up'.  In the week before the outing, all members will receive an email informing them of the location for the outing and the opportunity to sign up if they will be joining us.  There will be multiple choices of groups to join based on such variables as skiing ability, distance to be skied, starting location.  Group numbers will be controlled but if new groupings are deemed necessary to include everyone, we will endevour to meet the need.  We must stress that we can accept members only on our outings due to insurance conditions.

IMG 0170For 2024 we plan to hold 5 events :

  • Friday, January 5
  • Thursday, January 18
  • Friday, February 2
  • Thursday, February 15
  • Friday, March 1

On the day of the outing, we ask that you be ready to ski by the appointed time.  Maps will be provided and we will try to warn you of any surprise road delays but we do ask that you check all possible sources for information.  Come prepared with the correct clothing  and waxes for the conditions of the day.  NCC give a suggested wax for the day on their ski conditions page.

We try to keep our groups small (5-15) and of similar abilities and ski interest.  If we have sufficient numbers we may offer groupings such as:

  • 'Easy Going' - If you are a  cautious skier who prefers something level and not so far, this may be for you.  This group will ski at a gentle pace for 5-10km - formerly called 'Bird Watchers'.
  • 'tourers' - Perhaps you do prefer to avoid hills but can handle some and are ready to go further (8-12km)
  • 'tourers plus' - If you enjoy hills, to an extent and wish to go further (10-15 km) at a quicker pace, try this.
  • 'further yet' - for those who say  'bring on the hills, lets get going!'  .

Trail fees:  Additional trail fees apply at many sites – Gatineau Park and local clubs.  We may be making use, as well, of the many new Ottawa community trails.  We encourage donations to support these trails.  If you will be skiing in Gatineau Park many times (9-10 or more) or if you simply prefer not to have to pay trail fees each time, you can purchase your Gatineau pass at a discounted rate by using our discount code which you will find through our membership form.

Unlike last year where the sign-up used Doodle which provided a way of knowing who has signed up for which group, this year we will be using Cheddar-Up which does not have this functionality so be sure to coordinate with your friend(s) yourself.  (Doodle no longer meets our sign-up needs.)


2023 Women on Skis - womenonskis23@gmail.com