What better way to enjoy our winter wonderland!  Join us as we hit the trails, network with others, have social luncheons and support others.  Due to insurance issues we have a members only policy.  All participants and leaders must be a member of WOS in order to take part in this program - both the scheduled outings and our meet&ski days

Please note that our outings are weekday events.  

Our membership is handled through Zone4, the company that manages cross country ski memberships for most Canadian ski clubs and also links the payments and memberships to our parent organizations. Our all inclusive Women on Skis membership cost for 2023 is $42. This includes $22 for membership with Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO), and Nordiq Canada(NC) which covers insurance. If you are already a member of these organizations through another club, your fee will be adjusted accordingly through Zone4.

Regretfully we cannot offer any refunds so please consider first. NC and XCSO will not give refunds ($22) and as for the $20 WOS charge, some of it has already gone to processing fees, some will go to our costs and the rest to a very good cause, our chosen charitable group.  The chosen group will be named following our first outing once we have  received our member’s input.  If you are not certain if you are already a member for the year, go to the form on Zone4 and consult the registration confirmation list at top right.

Our membership is handled by Zone4, a 3rd party app that handles the payments and the connections to NC and XCSO. Click the button below to go to Zone4 and start your year with us. Become a member for our 2024-25 year. Join here

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